Victor Butler: I want to be a main guy

Cowboys LB Victor Butler comments on his early impressions of Rob Ryan, growing his role on the team and more.

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On how his role has changed under Rob Ryan:

"The main difference with Wade [Phillips] was I didn't really know what my role was. I felt I was just kind of out there, a special teams guy. Didn't really play much, didn't really know where I fit in.

"With Rob [Ryan] and another year under my belt, guys like [DeMarcus] Ware and Anthony Spencer and Bradie James just told me, 'Hey we expect big play out of you, we want to win games, we've got all the tools to do it and we want you to be a part of it ... and with the ability that you have, we need you to step up.'"

On the difference between Phillips and Jason Garrett:

"I just think the energy level is a little more up with Jason Garrett. He's around everywhere, he's walking around, he's encouraging guys. Guys need a little pick-me-up, he's telling them, 'Hey this is what you got to do if you want to get out there and play' ... He's coaching us up, I just think he's more involved of a head coach. He's great."