David Buehler: Rules making NFL 'kind of soft'

As we’ve learned over the last two-plus years David Buehler is not your traditional kicker.

He looks at himself as a player and his 12 solo tackles on special teams, which tied him for fourth last year, are his evidence.

He is paid to kick, however, and he is not pleased with the rule changes in the kickoffs in 2011. Kickoffs have been moved to the 35, making touchbacks all the more likely. Buehler, who has 51 touchbacks in his first two seasons, said he views the rule change as a help to him while acknowledging others view that it hurts him.

“I think they’re changing the rules too much,” Buehler said on the Ben and Skin Show. “Football is getting kind of soft with [NFL commissioner Roger] Goodell making all the rule changes and everything like that. Just leave it the way it is. Kickoffs are one of the most exciting plays in football, so I don’t know why they pushed it up to the 35. I understand the safety reasons but a lot of fans want to see the returns. It gets kind of boring just seeing touchbacks all the time. I obviously want that but the ideal fan doesn’t want that. They want to see the run out, the big collisions and everything like that.”

It should be pointed out that Goodell does not make the rule changes. The Competition Committee, of which Cowboys Executive Vice President Stephen Jones is a member, recommends the changes to ownership and the teams vote on the changes.