Brian Orakpo: Tyron Smith 'a great player'

IRVING, Texas -- Alex Barron will always be remembered in Dallas for the abuse he took from Redskins pass rusher Brian Orakpo, who drew three holding penalties on the Cowboys’ fill-in right tackle during last season’s opener, including one that negated the potential go-ahead score on the game’s final play.

Tyron Smith is no Alex Barron, a first-round bust in St. Louis who certainly didn’t change that perception during his brief stint in Dallas.

Orakpo thinks the Cowboys hit on the ninth overall pick, who will primarily be matched up against fellow first-rounder Ryan Kerrigan on Monday night.

“The Cowboys got themselves a great player from what we’ve seen on film,” Orakpo said of Smith. “He’s very athletic. He has a lot of power to him. And great feet for a tackle. Those are the worst things that guys around the edges, defensive ends and outside ‘backers hate to see a tackle with great feet [who] has power, and he has both of those.”