Cowboys respond to DeAngelo Hall

IRVING -- Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said he can't wait to take on Tony Romo and knock on his ribs, if the quarterback plays in the Monday night game.

Following Thursday's practice, several Cowboys players responded to the comments.

"Virginia Tech guy, that's why he said it," said Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree, who attended the University of Virginia. "I just think [about the] classes they took in Blacksburg compared to the classes in Charlottesville"

Added Derrick Dockery, a former teammate of Hall with the Redskins: "I know DeAngelo. It doesn't [surprise me]. It's football and you cannot say it, but you got to know what he's going to do."

The Cowboys have endured words with players in the past, whether it was Patrick Crayton vs. Brandon Jacobs or Bradie James vs. Jon Kitna.

This isn't new.

"He can say what he wants to say," defensive end Kenyon Coleman said of Hall. "I don't play offense, I play defense. I'm sure if he feels confident enough to say that, then more power to him...it is what it is."

"Hey man, that's part of the game," James said. "I'm sure they're coming for something on my body."

Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett has praised Hall's work the first two weeks of the season. Haslett seems to think the rib area is the only place Hall or any other defender can hit Romo.

"Well you think about it, he's not allowed to hit him in the head and he can't hit him below the knees," Haslett said. "So there's really only one place you can hit him. It's just a shame he's hurt. I think he was joking more than anything. He was kind of chuckling about it, and realistically, it's the only place you can hit a quarterback."