Detroit coach disses Dez Bryant

Maybe Rob Ryan wasn’t even the best trash-talking defensive mind in Cowboys Stadium on Sunday. Lions coach Jim Schwartz seems determined to one-up Ryan in that department.

Schwartz had an animated, R-rated discussion with Dez Bryant after a long pass down the Detroit sideline was overturned by a replay review in the second half. Schwartz made sure Bryant was aware the jugging catch didn’t count, pointing at him and exaggerating the incomplete signal after the referre announced the decision.

And Schwartz took a couple more jabs, minus the colorful language, at Bryant on his Detroit radio show the next day.

“Well, he didn’t have a catch after midway through the first quarter in the game,” Schwartz said during his weekly appearance on WXYT-FM, according to the Detroit Free Press. “And I’ve never seen somebody celebrate an incomplete pass so much, so we wanted to make sure that he knew that it was incomplete.”

Bryant's last catch was actually a touchdown with 10:58 remaining in the second quarter, but you get Schwartz's point.

Schwartz also took a shot at Laurent Robinson, the journeyman who had seven catches for 116 yards in his first start for the Cowboys, saying the Lions gave up plays to “receivers I had never heard of before.”