Dan Bailey still going strong

IRVING, Texas -- After four weeks, Dan Bailey has made more kicks than anybody in the NFL.

He's made 12 total field goals, including 11 consecutive. What's clear as the Cowboys take the next four days off is Bailey will be here with the Cowboys as long as he continues to make field goals on a consistent basis.

"I'm still a rookie," said Bailey, an undrafted free agent from Oklahoma State. "I still kinda [have to] earn my spot, sort of say, "It's four games in, so I got a long way to go to earn a spot." I guess, among the guys, they’re treating me all right, it's all right."

After Bailey missed a 21-yard field goal vs. the San Francisco 49ers, which prompted holder Mat McBriar to put his hands on his head in shock, Bailey has been perfect on his field goal tries. But there is still work to be done.

David Buehler, the kickoff specialist, has missed the last two games with a groin injury. Buehler is expected to return for the New England game Oct. 16, but Bailey is still working on kickoffs in case he has to handle that task again.

In the two games he replaced Buehler, Bailey had five touchbacks.

"I did OK. I can definitely do [better]," Bailey said. "There are areas I can improve in, just execute different game plans that we have and get more consistent on my depth and direction and stuff like that. I think last game was an improvement from the game before, but there's still a lot of improvement from the game before."