Five-star answer: It's the Rams, dude

Five-star question: Will Jason Garrett find a way to get Dez Bryant involved the offense in the second half against St. Louis?

IRVING, Texas – The classic line by Pacman Jones comes to mind.

“It’s the Rams, dude.”

That was his explanation for the explosiveness of the Eagles’ offense in the first week of the 2008 season. Never mind that the Rams ended up beating the Cowboys later that season in a game Pacman watched from home due to suspension.

Pacman’s point applies here. St. Louis stinks. The winless Rams have come within a dozen points of their opponent only once this season.

The Cowboys’ streak of close games should finally come to an end. This ought to be a comfortable win.

What does that have to do with stopping Dez Bryant’s second-half futility? Simple: There won’t be many, if any, high-pressure situations after halftime.

The Cowboys should be able to feed Bryant a few balls in the second half. That’d be a wise thing to do if they have a comfortable lead. It might not be necessary for his confidence, but it probably is for Tony Romo’s confidence in him.

Bryant’s conditioning shouldn’t be a concern anymore after a few weeks of fully participating in practices. He’ll be facing inferior completion. There’s no excuse to not get him involved in the second half Sunday.

It’s time for this trend to end.