Montrae Holland credits O-line academy

IRVING, Texas -- Not long after Montrae Holland was cut by the Cowboys on Sept. 4, he found himself in Ohio at LeCharles Bentley’s O-Line Academy.

“Life saver,” Holland said.

Bentley and Holland were teammates in New Orleans and share the same agent. For roughly six weeks, Holland worked out at the academy, which dubs itself as the only offensive line specific facility in the country.

“It was lifting, running, worked on hip explosion, leg drive,” Holland said. “All the stuff that makes you a good offensive lineman.”

Holland returned to the Cowboys 10 pounds lighter and he started at left guard five days after re-signing with the team following Bill Nagy’s season-ending ankle injury. He played in every series but the last one and helped DeMarco Murray to a franchise record 253 rushing yards.

“I’m not that sore, to be honest with you,” Holland said. “It’s crazy. I woke up this morning and told my wife, ‘I’m not even that sore.’ My best friend told me I’m not working hard enough.”

Holland believes in what Bentley told him that they will go into business together and expand the academy. In fact if he did not get a call from a team soon he was about to get into the business world.

“I know the product,” Holland said. “I’m going to spread the word.”