Sean Lee part of new/old Linebacker U.

IRVING, Texas -- If you want to read about Sean Lee’s play this season, you can go here for today’s column.

Lee’s play has been nothing short of incredible this season and the Penn State alum is helping to bring back the school’s Linebacker U. moniker.

Along with Lee, Jacksonville’s Paul Posluszny, Carolina’s Dan Connor, Miami’s Cameron Wake, Kansas City’s Tamba Hali and San Francisco’s NaVorro Bowman are carrying on the tradition.

“I remember going to the combine and coaches saying, ‘Linebacker U? I haven’t seen an NFL linebacker from there in a long time,’” Lee said. “I’d name some guys, Brandon Short, LaVar Arrington. It’s one thing we take a lot of pride in at Penn State and make that tradition.”

The first Linebacker U. alum Lee mentioned was Dennis Onkotz, but he is more of a Jack Ham guy with his Pittsburgh ties.

“I didn’t get to talk to him as much, but that guy was on two undefeated teams, a Hall of Famer, a great linebacker,” Lee said. “That’s a guy you look up to. Shane Conlan’s a guy who’s around we look up to. He won a national title. I had Dan Connor and Paul Posluszny ahead of me, great, tough guys who were role models.”