Now a vegan, Fiammetta stronger than ever

IRVING, Texas -- At 6-0, 242 pounds, Tony Fiammetta is the perfect fit to play fullback.

Jason Garrett said there is no doubt that Fiammetta’s play has helped the Cowboys’ running game this season.

“He’s clearly played a lot of football at this level,” Garrett said. “He does a nice job making adjustments on the move. He’s got a real comfort level playing the true fullback position. We’ve accomplished that a few different ways over the last few years and he’s really given us a good option as a full-time true fullback in front of our tailback in the running game.”

Where probably Fiammetta differs from most fullbacks is in diet. He’s a vegan.

“I got into it over the summer,” Fiammetta said. “I just started reading some books and changed my mind about that part of my life.”

He does not eat any animal products. No dairy. No meat. He said it took him about a week to get accustomed to the change.

“I’ve actually felt better on the field and off the field but it was an instant change of being a meat eater all the time to not eating it. I’d done it my whole life and then to have it taken away that first week was hard. Now I’m fine.”