Five-star: Raggedy Redskins' offense will fuel RBs

Five-star question: Will the Cowboys hit their average of 177.0 yards rushing per game since DeMarco Murray became the starter?

Oh yeah.

But it has more to do with the Redskins’ raggedy offense than the Cowboys’ running game.

Yes, the Cowboys’ have done a terrific job of running the ball since Murray became the epicenter of the rushing attack. He’s had more than 130 yards in three of the past four games.

But the Redskins’ offense is soooooo bad that it hasn’t given it’s defense much of a chance during their five-game losing streak.

At some point in the second half, if not earlier, the Cowboys will stretch their lead to 14 points. Then it will become the Murray show.

Jason Garrett will call run after run after run, allowing the Cowboys to shorten the game and giving Murray a chance to pound Washington’s run defense that’s allowed 4.3 yards per carry.

In their past four games, the Redskins have allowed 192, 175, 138, 138 and 103 yards rushing.

There’s no reason to think the Cowboys -- even on the road -- won’t gouge their run defense and take advantage of the Redskins' abject offense.