Keith Brooking: Eagles pose problems

Cowboys LB Keith Brooking is focused on beating the Eagles and avenging the worst loss of the Jason Garrett era.

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On the last loss against the Eagles:

That was a humbling experience, there's no doubt. We watched that film a lot this week. We know the problems they pose for us defensively. They have a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball. We got to do our homework, we got to have our best week, no doubt.

They're hot right now, I mean it's amazing ... the NFC East this year, how [they're] dead in the water a few weeks ago and now they're back in the picture. You know, last week they're crowning the Giants NFC East champions then they had the let down this week against Washington.

They're hungry, I mean we're going to get their best. I mean they're still in it obviously they don't control their destiny, lots of things got to happen but we're going to get their best shot and we have to be ready for it.