Mat McBriar's surgery goes well

The Mayo Clinic released a video (above) of the Cowboys' Mat McBriar punting at their facility this week.

McBriar underwent successful surgery to remove a cyst in his left leg. He was expected to be released Wednesday afternoon.

"The intraneural cyst was causing Mat’s foot drop. The surgery to remove the cyst was targeted, based on the most current understanding of the condition and its formation," said Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon Robert Spinner, who performed the surgery and is a leading expert on the condition. "Mat’s surgery went extremely well, and I believe he will be as good a punter as ever."

According to the Mayo Clinic, McBriar said, "I’m thrilled. I couldn’t ask for better news. I’m concentrating on a speedy recovery."

Here's more info on the surgery from the Mayo Clinic: An intraneural ganglion is a benign cyst filled with mucinous material (thick jelly consistency) contained within a nerve. Recent work done at Mayo has shown that the cyst is connected to a neighboring joint by a small nerve branch. Identifying and treating this joint connection forms the basis of successful surgery.

This has to be good news for the Cowboys, especially with McBriar becoming an unrestricted free agent on March 13. There is concern about signing him, based on his health. But if doctors are saying he's going to fully recover, the Cowboys might be better served to take care of their punter with a two-or-three year contract.