Gerald Sensabaugh's cousin is drafted

IRVING, Texas -- Nothing like seeing your family getting selected by NFL teams.

Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh's cousin, Coty Sensabaugh, a cornerback from Clemson was taken in the fourth round by the >Tennessee Titans. Coty Sensabaugh was the 115th overall selection in the draft.

Here's what Scouts Inc. had to say about Coty Sensabaugh's ball skills:

"Ball skills are average but is not a difference maker in terms of playmaking ability. Can come down with routine interceptions but lacks the ability to adjust and pull in highlight reel interception. Does a nice job of turning, locating and playing the ball. Displays good body control to reach over receivers and use hands to break up throws without drawing pass interference flag. Also does a nice job of jostling when in position to hold ground in one-on-one downfield battles."