Matt Johnson says health isn't an issue

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys fourth-round pick, safety Matt Johnson, endured health issues at Eastern Washington.

Johnson missed a spring game in 2010 with a concussion and had his season cut short his senior year in 2011 with a torn biceps.

"Yes, I got a lot of questions," Johnson said, alluding to what NFL teams asked when it came to his health. "I went through the physical with every place I went and checked out my shoulder and got all of the background checks and got everything checked out and I'm ready to go."

He added: "My health is the best I've felt in all of college."

Johnson visited with not only the Cowboys but Chicago and Philadelphia.

It was his visit with the Cowboys he enjoyed the most.

"My dad was a Cowboys fan," said Johnson, who grew up in Tumwater, Wash. "So I remember the first day watching them with Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin. I had the Emmitt Smith jersey growing up. So from the first time I can remember watching football, I was a Cowboys fan."