Lawrence Vickers: Cowboys moved fast

Cowboys FB Lawrence Vickers explains why he's so excited to be a Dallas Cowboy, how long it took Jerry Jones to sign him, the expectations for the upcoming season and more.

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On why he's excited to be a Cowboy

"I'm excited to be here for numerous reasons ... I got a chance to play something I love playing. That's No. 1. Off the top I love playing football. This is my dream. This is what I said I wanted to do when I was a little bitty boy, and now I'm getting a chance to do it now. Then second of all because it means something to me, I got something behind this. Meaning, you know, my pops. Every day I wake up I look at that and I look at where I'm at and I just think about the things that he told me and the things he wanted to see ... and that's just motivation. I'm motivated."

On the key strengths of his game

"I understand the game. I understand blocking schemes. I understand offense. Not just what I got to do but I understand what everybody does. That allows me to play super fast. That allows me to see things, that allows me to react faster than a normal person would because they're focusing on just what they got to do but I know what everybody’s doing so I kind of already play the play ahead of time. I do that. I visualize and I attack, and when I attack I do it violently."