Cowboys hope NFL changes start of camps

OXNARD, Calif. -- The Cowboys and Oakland were the last two teams to report to training camp because of their Aug. 13 kickoff in the preseason.

With a Sept. 5 kickoff to the regular season against the New York Giants, the Cowboys petitioned the NFL and the NFL Players Association about starting training camp sooner so as to not allow the Giants a competitive advantage with the idea of giving the players more time off between Weeks 1 and 2 of the regular season.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones said the team was told the league had more “pressing” concerns than that this offseason and the request was never addressed.

The Cowboys have said they will not use the late start as an excuse, but they hope the issue gets resolved in the future.

“I do think (the start of camp) should be based off when the regular season starts and not the first preseason game,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “I think a lot of teams feel that way, period. It’s not necessarily, ‘Well, it just bites us this year because of the last preseason game and first regular season game.’ We’ll deal with that, but I do think it’s something at some point I can see changed where training camp starts is pegged off when the season starts and if not that, then just a common starting point for everybody.”