Felix Jones, flunkees could run Wednesday

OXNARD, Calif. -- Cowboys officials have tentatively scheduled Wednesday as the day The Big Three -- Felix Jones, Brodney Pool and Andre Holmes -- run their conditioning drills.

The three players failed the tests on Sunday and haven't been allowed to practice. The trio has to run two sets of 10 60-yard sprints in eight seconds to pass.

Coach Jason Garrett said Pool and Holmes trained for long-distance running, which was part of the reason they failed.

Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones cited dehydration as a reason for Felix Joens failing.

"I'm not going to make excuses for anybody," Jerry Jones said. "But Felix, he's got to get on the field. For me with all he's given up over the years, he's the antithesis of that. We got to keep him from overworking. ... I think Felix was probably dehydrated and that type of thing. That's not an excuse, I don't mean to (make an excuse) and he wouldn't want me to. He's got my slack because of how I've seen him work over the years. The other guys need to get out here and pass this test."

During the early stages of Tuesday's practice, Mike Jenkins ran the tests with the trio several times.