Alex Albright mixes in some tight end work

OXNARD, Calif. -- The last time Alex Albright was on the offensive side of the ball was middle school, and he was a running back.

Albright made a brief return to offense on Day 7 of Cowboys’ training camp, lining up in some individuals at tight end. With John Phillips out with an ankle injury and the focus of the afternoon practice short yardage and goal-line runs, Albright got some work.

“Playing behind Jason Witten and learning from Jason Witten, what better teacher do you need?” Albright said.

At 6-5, 260 pounds, Albright has the perfect build for the position and might be an option on the goal line, like New England did with Mike Vrabel for years in New England.

“I don’t think anyone’s the next Mike Vrabel,” Albright said. “He’s a great player. I’m just honored with the opportunity that they’re trying me out there.”

Last year as an undrafted free agent, Albright made the Cowboys as an outside linebacker and special teams ace. This summer he has also played some inside linebacker and now added a little tight end, too.

“That’s always the common theme around the NFL, the more you can do,” Albright said. “I kind of embrace that aspect and take it on as a new challenge.”