Cowboys got great value on Sean Lissemore deal

IRVING, Texas – We relentlessly rip the Cowboys for the big-money contracts they get wrong, so it’s only right to recognize a team-friendly deal when it’s signed.

The Sean Lissemore contract extension is an extremely smart deal for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys locked up a starting-caliber defensive linemen through 2016 by giving Lissemore a three-year extension worth $6 million (plus incentives) with $3.1 million guaranteed. Lissemore, a high-motor player who has proven to be effective as a defensive end and nose tackle, likely would have made much more money if he waited two years to test the free agency market.

“That’s a steal for them,” one agent not involved in the deal said.

It’s understandable why Lissemore, who wanted to continue his career with the Cowboys, agreed to the contract. The deal offers him a lifetime of financial security -- if he takes care of his money -- two years before his rookie deal is done. His $2 million signing bonus is more money than he had previously made in his NFL career.

The Dallas front office took advantage of the timing by negotiating with Lissemore now, when the two years remaining on his contract gave the Cowboys leverage.

The Cowboys signed Jay Ratliff to a rich extension last summer, but other than that, they’ve built a deep defensive line without making huge financial commitments.

Jason Hatcher's contract –- a three-year, $6 million deal signed last summer -– is a heck of a bargain for a productive starting defensive end. Lissemore’s deal will be a similar steal for the Cowboys.