Jerry Jones: Felix Jones' roster spot, role secure

Jerry Jones remains confident in fellow former Razorback Felix Jones despite the 2008 first-round pick showing up to training camp out of shape and stumbling and fumbling through the first two games of the regular season.


"Well, just because I do," Jerry said Tuesday morning on KRLD-FM. "So I feel like we’re in good shape. But that’s it on that. Move on."

Geez, it's hard to argue with that kind of football insight from the general manager.

Coach Jason Garrett said Monday that the coaches would consider other alternatives for kickoff returns after Felix Jones' fumble seconds into Sunday's loss in Seattle put the Cowboys in a hole. It sounds as if Garrett's boss has other ideas.

"I don’t know about that," Jerry said when asked about the possibility of replacing a kickoff returner who ranks in the bottom third of the league. "I think we saw him be quick at practice last week. I think we need to give him a little more room out there.

"Felix has returned a lot of kickoffs in his time – All-American twice in college as a kickoff returner. We have over the years been reluctant to use him as a kickoff returner because we didn’t want to risk injury, but we’ve decided this year to use him as a kickoff returner. He should be a great asset for us. That’s the way it remains."

If that's the case, the Cowboys' offense will probably have to continue trying to move on from inside their 20.