Tony Romo defends Dez Bryant

IRVING, Texas -- One of quarterback Tony Romo's favorite targets is wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Though two games, Bryant has more drops (2) than touchdowns (0). You could make a case that one drop -- the result of a hard hit by a Seattle defender -- wasn't Bryant's fault. But the facts are Bryant has no touchdowns and still hasn't had an major impact in the passing game.

"You’re going to see different guys have big games at different times and I've told you this before," Romo said after Thursday's practice at Valley Ranch. "A lot of it is dictated on defensive coverages (and) what they’re doing, and sometimes some games you’re going to go (to) different players."

In Week 1 that was wide receiver Kevin Ogletree, who finished with career-highs in catches (8), yards (114) and touchdowns (2). Bryant had four catches for 85 yards, including a nice 38-yard reception in the victory against the Giants.

Aside from the drops, Bryant had just three catches vs. Seattle.

Bryant normally has good hands but he disappeared some against the Seahawks' coverages. Seattle pressured Bryant at the line of scrimmage and, while he did beat some of it, he didn't get open quick enough.

"Kev had a big game. He wasn’t targeted as much based on coverage or what was the situation this last week," Romo said. "At the same time, the possessions sometimes dictate it. We only had a small number in that football game last week. That stuff all plays a role."

Romo said he expects Bryant to do well as long as he keeps working.

That's never been an issue for Bryant. Producing big plays on a consistent basis is, however. With Sunday's opponent, Tampa Bay, ranked last in pass defense, maybe this could be a good week for Dez.

"I just think Dez needs to come to work (hard) everyday like he’s doing and continue to get better as a wide receiver," Romo said. "I think he's doing that."