Miles Austin's hip feeling OK

ARLINGTON, Texas – Statistically speaking, Sunday’s game was not on of Miles Austin's best -- two catches for 46 yards and a touchdown -- but they came at important times in the Cowboys’ 38-33 win against Philadelphia.

A hip injury knocked Austin out of the Thanksgiving game against Washington and kept him from taking part in a full practice last week.

“It’s still a little sore, but from how it did feel to how it felt Wednesday after a bunch of treatment and anti-inflammatories it felt leaps and bounds better than it did at the time,” Austin said.

Austin has 51 catches for 773 yards and five touchdowns on the season, but he has been slowed by hamstring injuries during most of the year for the second straight season. He doesn’t see the injuries related to each other.

“It wasn’t anything other than I hit my hip hard and it got inflamed and some nerve stuff in there, but it feels better,” Austin said.

It is possible Austin could be limited during practice as the season wears on.

“How I feel now to how I feel tomorrow or Tuesday or Wednesday, I wouldn’t know,” Austin said. “But I feel fine.”