Morris Claiborne's availability still uncertain

The Cowboys on Saturday were still evaluating cornerback Morris Claiborne's status for Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Claiborne suffered a concussion and a badly cut lower lip in last week's game at Cincinnati. He lay face first on the ground for several moments before walking off the field following a hit near the Bengals sideline.

Claiborne needed 10 stitches to close the wound and could barely talk after the game.

He didn't practice Wednesday and had to leave Thursday's session because of dizziness.

"He’s hanging in there," defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said. "He got a little dizzy yesterday so I’m not sure about his availability for this game, but I know he’s doing everything he can and he’s got to pass these tests. That’s the one thing, they’ve got this protocol and no one can rush it no matter who you are, so I think it’s great for the players' safety that we make sure when they do come back they come back with no trouble coming back. When Mo comes back he’ll be ready to go, and until then we’ll just move forward."

Mike Jenkins will replace Claiborne in the starting lineup if he can't go, but it also triggers some other issues for Ryan.

The team signed Michael Coe, who is with his third team in 2012, to help at corner in some passing situations.

"Well, we added this Coe kid, so we’re going to play him," Ryan said. "I coached with his dad. His dad’s a good coach and I think this kid will be a better player. We’ll be fine with him. He’s a good football player. He’s got a lot of talent. He’s a smart kid, so if he needs to play, he’ll play, and we’re excited about him. He’s got a lot of good talent."