Cowboys continue to monitor Dez Bryant's finger

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys will continue to monitor wide receiver Dez Bryant's fractured left index finger, but it's nothing out of the ordinary.

The Cowboys always check up on their nicked-up players, and Bryant is no different. Bryant played against Pittsburgh on Sunday with a taped-up splint on his finger with the tip exposed and caught four passes for 59 yards and one touchdown. He has caught a touchdown in each of the last six games.

Coach Jason Garrett expressed amazement that Bryant was going to play against Pittsburgh.

"Dez was very emotional early in the week about, 'I am playing in this game.' " Garrett said. "And I think when you are a football player and you see a guy be so unequivocal about that and say 'I’m doing it, regardless of what the heck this thing is. I’ m playing. I need to play.' I think it has a real positive impact on your football team."

Bryant had just one catch in the first half as the Steelers provided a variety of coverages his way, even dropping a linebacker underneath on his side of the field on a few pass plays. But Bryant got open more in the second half and caught a 24-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Tony Romo in the third quarter to break a 10-10 tie.

Bryant didn't report any problems with the finger after the game.

"We had to make sure we went through the whole process of seeing what the doctor said and all of that and talk it through," Garrett said of what the last week was like for Bryant. "But right from the start, he said 'I am playing.' I think that is a real tribute to his toughness, first and foremost as a human being and his passion for playing and passion for this football team."