Are Cowboys losing NFC East arms race?

The Washington Redskins will host the Seattle Seahawks in an NFC wild-card game Sunday afternoon. At one point during the regular season, the Redskins were 3-6. But they won seven consecutive games, including five against the NFC East, to emerge as the champions of the division.

The New York Giants started the season 6-2, but a 3-5 finish cost them a first-place lead in the division. Big Blue is sitting at home watching the postseason.

The Philadelphia Eagles started the season 3-1 but lost eight straight. Eventually things fell apart, leading to the firing of coach Andy Reid.

The Dallas Cowboys had a 3-5 start, but despite a 5-3 finish, losing their final two games to New Orleans and Washington cost them a playoff berth.

One would believe the future looks bigger in Washington with a rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III, and quite possibly some defensive talent returning from injury for the 2013 season.

The Giants have been a strong team, led by an elite quarterback, Eli Manning, that has proven to be mentally tougher than most teams in the NFC East.

The Eagles seemed to be rebuilding but as of today are without a head coach and have questions about who will be the quarterback in 2013.

The Cowboys?

Jason Garrett isn't going anywhere, and neither is the quarterback, Tony Romo. However, numerous injuries -- five to defensive starters -- and an inconsistent offensive line hurt the Cowboys in 2012. Is depth an issue going forward? If so, are the Cowboys losing the arms race against the rest of the NFC East?

"It's a competitive division, the NFC East has been a competitive division for a long, long time, and we understand that," Garrett said after the loss to the Redskins to close the season. "But we have to focus on ourselves. It's about us. (The loss to Washington) was about us. It wasn't about the Washington Redskins. We didn't (do) what was necessary to win that ballgame. We have to live with that and we have learn from it and go forward."