Nate Newton: 'Horse liniment' used during 1990s

Former Cowboys offensive lineman Nate Newton, the co-host of ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's "Coop & Nate" show, confirmed Tony Casillas' comments on Thursday afternoon that NFL players used "DMSO" to help heal aching muscles during the 1990s.

"Horse liniment. I used it one or two times," Newton said. "It helped healed horses, muscles, aches and pains and little whatnots. It helped you.

"When you put this stuff in you, you had to be careful because it's kind of like a poison. It ain't something you can drink. It's something you've got to rub on you. You can taste it all in your mouth. Your breath smells like onions. You could tell a person that's been using it. I walked by Tony, and was like 'Woah. Tony, you're back on the DMSO?' You could smell it. You could smell it all over the locker room."

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