Cowboys weekend mailbag

Before you watch the NBA All-Star Game tonight, we'll give you our three best questions in our Cowboys weekend mailbag.


Q: Calvin -- first off, I am not a fan of the Cowboys, I live in New York Giants country, but I am a football fan and have the following question: As of today, is it more important to Cowboys fans/management for the Cowboys (A) to win a Super Bowl, no matter who is playing QB, or (B) to win a Super Bowl with Tony Romo playing QB? If it is the latter, do you think this negatively affects decisions made by Cowboys management (i.e., Jerry Jones)? PJ (Sea Girt, N.J.)

A: Cowboys fans want to win a Super Bowl regardless of who the quarterback is. The Cowboys' front office feels the same way, but if they're going to accomplish this goal in the next three to five years, Tony Romo will be the quarterback. Now you could say the Cowboys need to draft a quarterback in the next two drafts and they should, regardless of how weak the 2013 quarterback class is. Romo is a good quarterback but he just makes too many mistakes late in games with the season on the line. At one point during the 2012 season, Romo led the NFL in turnovers. Elite quarterbacks don't do this and Romo isn't elite. But he's a solid quarterback who has pressure to produce. Until he pushes the Cowboys to a deep playoff run (it's something I've said for a while now), he will always be under the microscope.

Q: What's up Calvin? I was wondering what you think the chances of the Cowboys making a play at Henry Melton and maybe letting Jay Ratliff go? Do you think there is a better chance of them keeping and Ratliff and maybe re-signing Anthony Spencer? Mike Green (Audubon, N.J.)

A: I was told this week the Cowboys are not interested in Melton. Passing on Melton could be for financial reasons, because the amount of money needed to take care of Melton most likely would go toward Spencer. The Cowboys need Spencer to become a starting defensive end, and while I believe the money devoted to him should go elsewhere, like to a guard or center, he's a vital part of the defense. Ratliff's issues are complex. He played only six games last season and his production has declined each year. His run-in with Jerry Jones and his arrest for allegedly driving while intoxicated didn't endear him to the front office. His status remains uncertain, and I get the feeling this is a Jerry Jones call more than anything else. I expect Ratliff to remain with the Cowboys.

Q: Miles Austin for Percy Harvin? The Vikings need receivers and are trying to get rid of him. We need a slot guy. I think he would compliment (sic) Dez Bryant and Jason Witten better than Miles has. The only time Miles has shined was when he getting thrown to in high volumes. That's just not going to happen with Dez emerging as a star. Percy can make big plays with few touches plus he can return punts and kicks. Maybe throw in a late round pick too, it's not like the Cowboys have had much success late in the draft recently. John (Southlake, Texas)

A: John, the Vikings are not trading Harvin and the Cowboys are not trading Austin. It's interesting how down people are on Austin. The man almost had 1,000 receiving yards last season with two nagging hamstrings. Bryant's season was outstanding. He became a focal point of defenses each week and still produced and finally became a reliable target for Tony Romo. Austin is a talented player and shouldn't be forgotten. However, the Cowboys do need a good slot receiver and maybe Dwayne Harris can become the man in 2013. Harris also produced some in the return game. While I do believe Harvin is talented, the Cowboys don't need the added money it would take bring him to Valley Ranch and the wide receivers are talented enough to help the offense.