Cowboys won't look for QB early in draft

INDIANAPOLIS – As the Cowboys look to extend Tony Romo’s contract this offseason, they will not be looking for his successor early in April’s draft.

Since taking Troy Aikman with the No. 1 overall pick in the 1989 draft, Jerry Jones’ first as owner and general manager, the Cowboys have drafted only three quarterbacks – Bill Musgrave (1991), Quincy Carter (2001) and Stephen McGee (2009).

“We’ve never been opposed to drafting young quarterbacks,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “We drafted Stephen McGee. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for us, but in my mind – and we’ve not gone over this in detail, Jerry and myself – but I can’t imagine we wouldn’t take a quarterback if the right guy is there, just like we did Stephen. I don’t necessarily see us using our first round pick or second round pick on one, but after, depending on who might be there, I wouldn’t rule it out.”

The 2013 draft class is not considered too strong at the top, but there could be a quarterback slip to the middle rounds that could be worth exploring.