Tony Romo deal opens $5 million in cap space

IRVING, Texas – With Tony Romo’s contract extension out of the way, the Cowboys can figure out ways to surround the quarterback with better players.

Romo’s new deal opens up $5 million in salary cap space for 2013. He was scheduled to count $16.818 million against the cap, but will count $11.818 million after signing his extension.

That is more than enough room to add three possible starters in free agency. Remember, Brandon Carr signed a five-year, $50 million deal last year, but his first-year cap number was just $3.2 million.

Romo will receive a $25 million signing bonus with $5 million counted as the proration over five years. He will receive a base salary of $1.5 million and had an outstanding proration amount of $5.318 million remaining. Add it up and it equals $11.818 million for 2013.

The Cowboys have had interest in low-cost veterans, but players like linebacker Chase Blackburn and Matt Slauson signed in recent days. There are other possibilities available, although it’s not clear what level of interest the team has in guard Brandon Moore. Despite reports, he has not visited or been offered a deal. Another possibility could be wide receiver Kevin Walter.