Romo will put in 'Peyton Manning-type time'

IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys still aren’t ready to announce their offensive play-caller, but one thing is clear about that process.

Quarterback Tony Romo will have much more input on which plays are in the game plan.

Owner/general manager Jerry Jones said part of his agreement with Romo, who signed a seven-year, $119.5 million contract extension this offseason, was the quarterback would spend “Peyton Manning-type time” at the facility.

That isn’t meant to imply that Romo hadn’t been appropriately dedicated in the past. The point is that Romo will have extraordinary responsibility in helping to create game plans in the future.

“Tony is more involved in the finished product,” Jones said. “He is more involved, unequivocally. I’m counting that in. That ought to produce some success. It will produce some success. I’m talking about the kind of plays we run, a lot of what we do offensively."

The logic is that the Cowboys want to tailor the game plans to Romo’s skills and preferences as much as possible. Every play in each game plan will essentially have Romo’s seal of approval.

Romo will work alongside head coach Jason Garrett, offensive coordinator Bill Callahan and the other offensive coaches during hours when the vast majority of the roster isn’t at Valley Ranch.

“I can speak for Jason in this respect: Everything he is about wants more buy-in and more participation from the player,” Jones said. “So if Tony, for instance, would be here Monday through Saturday and be here from seven in the morning to six o’clock at night all over this place, then that’s better than the way it’s been. We’ll have more success, and Jason believes that. It’s certainly at quarterback but he believes it at the other positions, too.

“Tony is going to have more time, more presence. Not only is having in the offseason but when the season starts, beginning Mondays, assuming we played Sundays, he’s going to have more time on the job.

“A part of what we agreed with was extra time on the job, beyond the norm. That doesn’t mean that he didn’t have a lot of time on the job, but extra time on the job, Peyton Manning-type time on the job.”