Tony Romo's increased involvement is news to Jason Witten

MESQUITE, Texas -- During the three-days of the NFL draft, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said he expects quarterback Tony Romo to become more involved in the offense.

Jones even said Romo will spend more time at Valley Ranch, similar to what Denver's Peyton Manning does. Jones stopped short of saying Romo will call some offensive plays, like Manning, but his involvement will increase.

Well, Romo's best friend, tight end Jason Witten, seemed a little surprised by the news.

"I've always felt like Tony was very involved in the process of the plays and our scheme, how we attacked," Witten said Friday afternoon from an event at the Boys and Girls Club. "I think in any organization where you have an elite quarterback like that, you want him to feel comfortable. I think that's something we've always tried to do, and it sounds like we're going to continue to do that."

It appears Jones is trying to justify why he signed Romo to a six-year $108 million contract last month. Jones and Romo have taken heat for the contract because of just one career playoff win and the Cowboys' inability to reach the postseason the last three seasons.

Romo hasn't talked about the new deal, a news conference wasn't scheduled after he signed it, but others have supported the deal, including defensive end DeMarcus Ware and now Witten.

"Sometimes maybe more is made of that than it is," Witten said of Romo's increased role. "I know he understands the expectations to play that position, probably even more so now after the contract than ever before. I think that's something he embraces and says, 'Hey, let's get this started.' I think we're all excited. But we all know at this point, our actions will speak a lot louder than anything we say or talk about."