Cowboys still don't have a decision made on playcaller

IRVING, Texas -- It was an innocent question for Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett: Do you know who the playcaller will be?

"We haven't made a decision on that," Garrett said Saturday afternoon in between rookie minicamp practices.

It's interesting to note Garrett didn't have a clear answer here. Well, he did have an answer: No decision was made. But why not? It's May 11 and the Cowboys should know who is calling the offensive plays.


Maybe Garrett knows the answer but isn't ready to tell the media or fans just yet. Maybe Garrett wants to do it, but is getting resistance from the front office.

Bill Callahan was going to do it, but now isn't.

The Cowboys are treating this playcaller thing as if reporters are asking for classified CIA documents.

We understand if Garrett is trying to save face here by prolonging the inevitable, that being Callahan is going to take over. Garrett might just be waiting for reporters to get tired of asking the question, so he'll stick with the company line: No decision has been made.

The Cowboys will have an organized team activity in about two weeks, so at some point the playcaller should be revealed.