Jason Garrett's job should be on the line

Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones shocked the world, in a sense, when he said coach Jason Garrett isn't coaching for his job in 2013.

It was a stunning statement from the Cowboys' owner -- who fired Dave Campo after three consecutive 5-11 seasons -- when he said he wouldn't fire a coach in season, then did so by letting Wade Phillips go after a 1-7 start in 2010.

Here's what Jones said regarding Garrett earlier this year: "There's a lot of resolve here but not a lot of patience. Jason senses that."

Now the other day, Jones says this about Garrett's job status: "Well, no, no he's not … to the last question: Is Jason coaching for his job? No. What we're doing is taking the assets that we have and Jason being right at the top and certainly our premier asset, and we're using them to the best of our ability."

Why the change?

Jones shouldn't change what he said from earlier in the year.

I find it hard to believe if the Cowboys miss the playoffs in 2013 that Garrett will return in 2014. Jones made several changes to Garrett's world in 2013. He told him to get rid of his brother, tight ends coach John Garrett, released defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and talked about taking the play-calling duties from him.

How can Jason Garrett believe his job isn't on the line in 2013?

Jones wants to divert attention from Garrett's job status, which, in realty, should be in doubt, to something else. It's Jones' job to distract everyone from the reality of the situation: Jason Garrett's job is on the line in 2013.

If Jones really wants Garrett to return in 2014, he should give the man a contract extension. Garrett enters the third year of a four-year contract in 2013, and if he is the man of the future, Jones should give him a two-or-three-year contract extension. It's not like Jones hasn't done it before. He gave Jimmy Johnson and Phillips contract extensions.

It doesn't happen often, but it has occurred.

If Jones wants Garrett to succeed, take care of him contract wise and not with words. We all know if the Cowboys don't make the playoffs for a third consecutive season that it would be hard to believe Garrett will maintain his parking space at Valley Ranch.