Cowboys receivers getting used to new coach

The last two wide receiver coaches for the Dallas Cowboys were well-respected in the profession. Jimmy Robinson and Ray Sherman seemed to be players' coaches, if you will, and the receivers quickly bonded with them.

Now enters Derek Dooley, a former head coach in the college game.

"He came in right (away) and told us who he is and what he's about, and you have to accept it," Dez Bryant said. "He's hands on with us. That’s what we all love. He's a great coach and he makes things a lot smoother and easier for us."

Fellow receiver Dwayne Harris said Robinson, who is now a coaching consultant for the Cowboys, wasn't much of a technician in comparison to the new coach.

"A lot different," Harris said. "Jimmy was more of a receivers coach. Dooley is more of a technician. He wants us to get our routes (down), I think Robinson was a different type of coach. It wasn’t about technique with him, just play football."

Another issue for Dooley is making sure he bonds with Bryant, the lead receiver on this team. When the Cowboys hired Sherman a few years ago, it was because he was good at his job and for his ability to vibe with Terrell Owens. Robinson's personality was also a factor in his hiring and whether he got along with Bryant.

It seems Dooley is working well with Bryant.

"That's a big thing for me," Bryant said. "It's always good to build that relationship. It makes things 10 times easier if you got respect from that person versus not having that respect. (If you don't have respect) when a person says something to you, you’re really not into (it). But if you got that respect for one another, it's easier to accept that criticism and take it and get better."