Claiborne earns high praise from Herm

Former NFL player and coach and current ESPN Insider Herm Edwards ranked the top 10 cornerbacks for 2016. That's right, 2016.

Dallas Cowboys corner Morris Claiborne, who enters his second season this fall, comes in at No. 10.

You have to be an ESPN Insider to read the entire list, but here's a portion of what Edwards said about Claiborne:

Claiborne struggled some last season, but midway through found his way and improved in coverage. He's deficient in terms of fundamentals, but Monte Kiffin's system will help with that -- forcing him to play with technique.

In the offseason, Claiborne bulked up and said he practiced pain free for the first time since his junior year at LSU. If you remember, Claiborne missed the entire offseason of his rookie season while recovering from wrist surgery. Claiborne also sprained a knee in training camp. There were times when Claiborne struggled in man coverage, as Edwards pointed out, and you were still looking for interceptions, but Claiborne did a nice job of being around the ball as the season progressed.

Another season in the NFL should help Claiborne, and with the new 4-3 scheme with defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin designed to force more turnovers, maybe the 2012 first-round pick of the Cowboys will start to make impact plays.