How nice will Cowboys' facility be?

OXNARD, Calif. – When the Cowboys and Arlington came to an agreement on a new stadium, the original plan had each side chipping in $325 million.

Arlington’s contribution was capped at $325 million; the Cowboys' contribution wasn't capped, and Jerry Jones threw in another $600 million (give or take) to make AT&T Stadium the best stadium in the world.

The city of Frisco has now committed $115 million to the Cowboys’ new corporate headquarters and the building of a 12,000-seat indoor stadium that will be used by Frisco schools. Most of that money will go toward the stadium, with $25 million pegged for the headquarters.

Do you think Jones will chip in more cash to make sure the Cowboys have the best practice facility in the NFL?

Seattle’s practice facility cost $60 million. The New York Jets’ practice facility cost $75 million.

You can’t compare facilities’ prices because the cost of building supplies differs across the country, but for, say, an extra $25 million of the Cowboys’ money they could (will?) have a facility that should (will?) be the best in the league.

And the Cowboys will procure a naming-rights deal on the facility, as well, with some of that money going to the city, according to the agreement. The Eagles’ deal with NovaCare is worth a reported $60 million over 25 years. The New York Giants had a deal with Timex worth a reported $35 million but have a new deal with Quest Diagnostics. The Jets have a reported $25 million naming-rights deal for 12 years with Atlantic Health.

After AT&T and the Cowboys agreed to a naming-rights deal for the $1.2 billion stadium in Arlington, executive vice president Stephen Jones said the deal did not cover a new practice facility.