Chris Jones hits digital board with punt

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Chris Jones became the first Cowboys punter to hit the center-hung scoreboard at AT&T Stadium with a first-quarter boot against the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday.

Tennessee’s A.J. Trapasso hit the board in the first football game played at the stadium on Aug. 21, 2009.

The officials did not notice the punt hit the board and needed video replay to force the Cowboys to punt again. The NFL instituted a re-kick rule after Trapasso’s punt, but it had never come into play before Saturday’s game. Trapasso’s punt hit a Mitsbushi Electric sign that was under the board. The sign was moved to the top of the board and has since been removed altogether.

On the re-kick, Cincinnati wide receiver Brandon Tate scored on a 75-yard touchdown to give the Bengals a 7-0 lead.

There was a fear among coaches that a re-kick would tire out the coverage units. Tate was hardly touched on the return, with tight end James Hanna missing him in the open field before Tate ran away from Jones.