Miles Austin sees benefits of more practice

IRVING, Texas -- Hamstring injuries in the summers of 2011 and ’12 prevented Miles Austin from playing in all but one preseason game. He played in the three preseason games the Dallas Cowboys played their regulars, and he is seeing the benefits.

He enters Sunday thinking only about the New York Giants; not his hamstrings.

“You can notice it just playing more,” Austin said. “Obviously it feels better being a part of it because when I wasn’t a part of it for a few weeks in those offseasons other guys were working. Do I know the plays? Yes, I know the plays, but being able to rep them like I was doing during the season and being able to do that early in the season is a good feeling.”

Austin missed six games in 2011 because of hamstring injuries and Jason Garrett said he saw the normal Austin explosiveness only twice last year because of the hamstring worries even though he played in every game.

Austin caught eight passes for 106 yards and a touchdown in the preseason.

“It’s an active game,” Austin said, “so you’re at risk to potential anything from hamstrings to whatever, concussions, broken legs. The potential is there for anything. You don’t knock on wood. You just go out and try your best.”