Cowboys pump up the volume

IRVING, Texas -- Bill Callahan knows what it’s like to play the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

He was there six times with the Oakland Raiders from 1998-03 as coordinator and head coach and had a 3-3 record, but 0-2 as the head coach. Few stadiums in the NFL can be louder than Arrowhead.

Like they do for every road game, the Cowboys pumped in crowd noise at practice.

“These last two days at the stadium, being in the crowd noise environment here I think helps our preparation,” Callahan said. “It was loud (Thursday) over at AT&T Stadium. Jason (Garrett) cranked up the noise extremely loud, so it was deafening. So if we can try to simulate that that’ll be great. Over the years going in there, their fans are terrific. They have great support. They love their program down in Kansas City. So we expect a real, real violent type atmosphere in terms of the crowd noise and things of that nature.”

Last year on Week 2, the Cowboys visited Seattle's CenturyLink Field, another loud venue, and opened with a fumbled kickoff, blocked punt returned for a touchdown and an interception on their way to a 27-7 loss.

“Sometimes those mistakes you make on the road can be exaggerated and become much more difficult to overcome,” Garrett said. “That was the case last year in Seattle. It got a crowd that was in a frenzy to begin with even more into a frenzy and made it really challenging to come back and play the way we needed to play to win.”