Romo talks about tweak to throwing motion

IRVING, Texas -- Every season, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo talks about changes he's made in his game in the offseason. It could be bringing the ball closer to his body when under pressure to prevent a strip, fixing his footwork when getting set to pass, to now his throwing motion.

Romo rarely talks in-depth about the changes to his game, but when he does, it gives fans and the media an insight into what he's doing to improve. Earlier in the season, Romo spoke briefly to reporters about his throwing motion, and he discussed it again during a conference call with Denver reporters on Wednesday.

"Well, I think I’m doing a couple of things different, a couple of things I worked on this offseason that have allowed certain things in different situations to be a little bit easier," Romo said on the call. "I found something pretty important, I think, in the throwing motion that’s allowed me to throw from a little bit different position. That’s calmed certain things down. I think a lot of things go into play. We’re getting good offensive-line play. A lot of different things come into play with that stuff."

It's not known whether the tweak in his throwing motion has attributed to Romo throwing just one interception through four games. But he's produced some solid numbers in the first month of the season.

Romo is completing 72.4 percent of his passes, the third-best rate in the NFL, and he's tied for fourth with eight touchdown passes. Running the football has taken pressure off Romo this season. The Cowboys have rushed for 285 yards the last two weeks, and DeMarco Murray is the third-leading rusher (356 yards) in the NFL.

"Yeah, I think any time you can run the ball well, that helps everybody," Romo said. "That has definitely helped. We’ve had a couple games we ran it well, couple of games we haven’t run it as well. We’re always trying to do that better."