No moral victories or meetings scheduled

IRVING, Texas -- After the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, Jerry Jones said he was proud of his team, and in some ways, given who the team's defense was going up against, quarterback Peyton Manning, that the 51-48 loss could be considered a moral victory.

Jason Garrett, the Cowboys' head coach, respectfully disagreed.

"We don’t believe in moral victories and different people will say that different ways," Garrett said. "But our job is to win football games and we didn’t get the job done [Sunday]. They did. They’re an outstanding football team, arguably the best team in the NFL coming into this game and we put ourselves in a great situation, a great position to win that game and we didn’t do it. They did the things to win the game. We did not and we have to learn from that experience. Were there are a lot of good things that happened in that ball game? Absolutely there were. Can you build on those? Absolutely. Do you have to correct a lot of the other the things? Absolutely we do. And that’s what we’ll go through this week.

One of the things that needs fixing is the defense. The Cowboys have allowed 1,028 yards the past two weeks, both losses, and allowed three 400-yard passers this season, becoming just the fourth NFL team to do that in league history according to Elias Sports Bureau.

Is it time for a defensive players team meeting?

"No, we know what we need to do," linebacker Sean Lee said. "We know a performance like that is unacceptable if we want to be a winning football team."