Miles Austin's return only 'OK'

IRVING, Texas -- What was the assessment of wide receiver Miles Austin from Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett?

“I thought Miles looked OK,” Garrett said. “He's clearly working his way back into it. I don't think he looked as explosive as he did early on in the year. He's clearly trying to get his hamstring healthy. He came through the game, looked like he was able to function, everything we asked him to do. But he's a work in progress coming back.”

Austin missed two games because of a hamstring strain but was able to go through a full week of practice last week. He did not have a catch on four targets from QB Tony Romo in Dallas' 31-16 victory over the Redskins on Sunday. Austin barely missed a touchdown when Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall knocked away a pass in the end zone.

After missing two games in 2011 with a hamstring injury early in the season, Austin returned with a seven-catch, 74-yard effort against the New England Patriots. After missing four games with a strain later that season, he came back with a four-catch, 63-yard, one-touchdown effort against the New York Giants.

With hamstring injuries for most of the last two seasons, Garrett wonders if there is a mental hurdle Austin has to clear.

“I think that's probably something that you have to consider with any injury -- how confident is the player coming back, whether it's a hamstring, whether it's a knee or my ankle or my arm if I'm a thrower,” Garrett said. “Just the level of comfort you need to play with, and anytime you're dealing with something you have to make sure that your mind is right by the time you step on that game field.”