Terrance Williams maturing, gaining trust

IRVING, Texas -- Tony Romo said he's not afraid to throw passes to rookies.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback said earning his trust isn't a hard thing, as long as you get open.

Over the last three games, rookie receiver Terrance Williams has caught at least one touchdown pass. He started against the Philadelphia Eagles last week and caught six passes for 71 yards.

Trust has been granted.

"I think it's tough to play wide receiver in the NFL as a rookie just because the differences," Romo said. "The jump from college to the NFL is a big one for those guys. They're used to winning on speed and now that's not enough. I think it usually takes them a while. Terrance is picking it up quickly and that's exciting to see."

It's easy to talk about the early season struggles of Williams but he's now developed into a maturing, trusted player for the Cowboys especially with Miles Austin battling hamstring injuries.

Williams has more catches (24 to 15) and yards (380 to 125) than Austin due to increased playing time. But more importantly, Williams is understanding the game by watching more game film and working on his craft in practice.

"Guys here do a great job of guiding me especially Miles and Dez [Bryant] and Tony," Williams said. "I keep hearing from them when I do something good and bad that keeps me going with never being happy with the stuff I'm doing. Now I can do stuff that I can get better at."

With Austin's health an issue at this stage of the season, the Cowboys are leaning on Williams to become a productive member of the offense. Defenses are targeting Bryant with double-teams and tight coverage. When that happens it leads to more one-on-one coverage on Williams.

"He’s got a great work ethic and he cares and when you talk to him and teach him stuff," Romo said of Williams. "He really goes out and tries to adapt or emulate what he’s been coached and it’s a testament to him just how his work ethic and his ability to improve. He’s doing a great job."