Dez Bryant talks about generosity

IRVING, Texas -- While standing in line at a Wal-Mart in DeSoto, Texas, last week, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant purchased a few PlayStation 4s for some customers.

Several customers expressed their gratitude to Bryant on Twitter by posting pictures and writing comments.

"That's all from the heart," Bryant said Monday when asked about the shopping spree. "I just felt like there were some people there, they didn't look like they played the game, like they were getting it for somebody [else]. They were there early -- too damn early -- before the game come out. I was like, let me ease it up for them, try to make their day."

The PlayStation 4 was released last week, and several gamers waited in line at various locations in Dallas-Fort Worth for the console.

Bryant is a big fan of video games. He takes on fans and teammates online while playing "Madden" and keeps up with the ratings of NFL players, including his own.