Sean Lee will be three-down player in return

IRVING, Texas – Sean Lee has built his play on being a three-down linebacker.

Even though he missed the Cowboys' past two games with a hamstring injury, the inside linebacker will not be limited when he returns to the field Monday against the Chicago Bears.

“I’ll be ready to go,” said Lee, who took part in his second straight full practice. “If I’m going to play I want to play full go.”

Lee attacked his rehab the way he attacks breaking down game film. He spent time in a hyperbaric chamber. He had massages. He used active release therapy, extra stretching, acupuncture and just about anything else he could to speed up the recovery.

“I think it’s just a whole system of here working with the trainers, making sure I’m getting rest, making sure I’m on point with my diet, making sure I’m doing different treatments like hyperbaric chamber and different things that are going to help heal that muscle more quickly,” Lee said, “and I think it helped.”

Coach Jason Garrett told him to use some good, old fashioned Tiger Balm.

“I’m still using the Tiger Balm right now,” Lee said. “Yeah, we use it to warm up. I don’t know if it’s exactly Tiger Balm but it’s something to put a little heat on it and make sure the hamstring is ready to go.”

The schedule also helped. While he missed four weeks, he missed only two games because of the Cowboys’ Nov. 17 bye week and two games in five days thanks to the Thanksgiving Day game. He actually got an extra day of rest with the Monday kickoff versus the Bears.

Lee does not believe the cold awaiting the team in Chicago will be an issue for his hamstring.

“I’m sure you’ve got to warm up properly,” Lee said, “but the cold weather is part of the deal and I think I’m going to be fine.”