Bryant responds to walking off the field

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant walked to the locker room with about 1:21 remaining in the game against the Green Bay Packers upset at what had just happened to his team.

Following a second interception thrown by quarterback Tony Romo with 1:22 to play, Bryant walked off the field after a review of the play confirmed the interception by Tramon Williams.

Bryant declined to speak with reporters, saying he was too upset.

On Twitter, Bryant made a comment about why he left the field.

"I walked back to the locker room because I was emotional...it had nothing to do with my teammates we had it... We fought and didn't finish," he said.

Bryant was the only player to leave the field before it ended. However, at the final gun, several players didn't walk across the field and shake hands with the Packers players, choosing instead to go straight to the locker room.

"It's an emotional game," said Romo, who did shake the hands of several players after the game. "You get to the end there, obviously, it's not fun for any of us to lose a football game. It's not an enjoyable process the way it ends, no matter how it ends. It's always tough emotionally so it is what it is."

Bryant finished with a solid performance in the loss. He caught 11 passes for 153 yards and one touchdown.