Brandon Carr has rough day

LANDOVER, Md. -- Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr was happy with a 24-23 victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday.

A closer look at Carr's performance reveals he struggled in pass coverage again.

Heading into the Redskins game, Carr said he was fed up -- not only his play, but the defenses -- yet he failed to make enough plays on the ball when covering receiver Pierre Garcon.

It go so bad for Carr, the other starter, Orlando Scandrick, took over the coverage.

"I have thick skin, I've been through a lot, like I said, it's not the first time a person has caught passes on me," Carr said. "I've been ripped apart a few times in my career and it comes with the territory. Playing at our level, a lot of things are going to happen to you, but like I said in order to play this game and in order to survive on that island there comes a time or two when your teams needs you most."

Carr looked a little tired at times and that was due to recovering from an illness that forced him to miss two days of practice last week. At one point, coach Jason Garrett sent Carr home from Valley Ranch so nobody else would catch whatever he had.

"I think I'm getting over it," Carr said. "I didn't feel as bad as I thought I would have felt. The trainers did a good job of giving me medication and doing the proper things to get me ready to play. I took a little bit more time than usual as far as getting my rest so I could have energy for the game, but I think my voice is just gone from yelling and stuff. I had to get back at the fans for chirping."