Cowboys should let Bill Callahan go

This whole deal doesn't make sense.

The Cowboys are denying Bill Callahan, who was demoted from playcaller to offensive line coach in favor of Scott Linehan, the opportunity to work for somebody else.

Callahan isn't happy with the demotion and is thinking about his future, which is tied to just one year remaining on his contract. The Cleveland Browns would like to speak with Callahan and possibly hire him as their offensive coordinator/playcaller.

New Browns coach Mike Pettine worked with Callahan when the two were working for the New York Jets. So it sounds like a good fit. Callahan can work someplace where he's wanted and the Cowboys can have some peace and quiet at Valley Ranch.

Instead, keeping Callahan creates noise.

It doesn't make sense to let Callahan coach the offensive line again -- and he did a nice job with it last season -- when it's clear he's not happy. A source told ESPN Dallas that Callahan wouldn't be happy if Linehan is hired to run the offense.

Head coach Jason Garrett has the right to hire whomever he sees fit to coach certain positions and the offensive and defensive units. Garrett has a previous relationship with Linehan that is comfortable. Garrett wasn't comfortable with Callahan.

Everybody said the right things this past season, but Garrett moved quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson to the press box late in the season to help Callahan read defenses.

It was Garrett who relayed a play call to Romo, a run call changed to a pass based on the defensive alignment, that led to an interception late in the fourth quarter of a 37-36 loss to Green Bay on Dec. 15. Callahan took the blame for it, saying he shouldn't have given Romo the option of making a change.

Garrett blamed Romo for changing the play to begin with. But Garrett was the last man speaking to Romo's headset and should have taken the responsibility for telling his quarterback to stay with the run play.

As you can see, things are a mess at Valley Ranch.

It's only going to continue if Callahan remains on staff. He's not going to cause a disruption internally, but why keep a man who doesn't want to be here?

The Cowboys could promote assistant line coach Frank Pollack and find a young coach to work with him in 2014.

It doesn't make sense to keep Callahan.

Maybe that's why this franchise is without a playoff appearance the past four seasons. Dallas makes decisions that make no sense.