Cowboys have to follow through on plan

IRVING, Texas -- Now that everybody is done patting Jerry Jones on the back for doing things that other general managers have done for years -- making difficult decisions on long-time players -- the Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager has to finish the job.

It's one thing to cut a player, like a DeMarcus Ware or a Miles Austin, when the salary-cap figures outweigh the on-field production.

It's another to replace that production on the field, especially with a player such as Ware.

Now Jones has to find multiple players for a defense that needs a lot of help with that money created by the release of Ware. There is a lot the Cowboys can do with $7.4 million of salary-cap space with just that one move. They can spend a lot on a little or a little on a lot.

It looks like they are more prepared to spend a little on a lot, which is the right way to go about their business.

They just need to make sure they get the guys they want and have true upgrades on that defensive line and not hoping they get better than George Selvie or Nick Hayden.

With Jason Hatcher visiting the Seattle Seahawks, Ware gone and Anthony Spencer in limbo, Selvie is the most accomplished defensive lineman on the roster. The Cowboys don't play a game that matters until September, but they can't have a repeat of what happened on the defensive line in 2013.

They overvalued their hand along the line, suffered an inordinate amount of injuries and were unable to cover themselves with the right pieces.

There is no doubt the Cowboys have a plan. Part 1 was letting go of Ware. Part 2 will be much more important.